Science Supports that
. . . the Universe will End

(Is the Universe Dying?)

Section Two

The universe is dying based on the following facts.

  • The Sun will Run Out of Energy: NASA scientists support the conclusion that universe will end. For example, the sun will someday run out of energy. NASA has photographs of about 1,000 sunlike stars that are dying. Eventually, all the stars will burn out and the entire universe will become a place of cold, eerie, lonely darkness. The earth will not support life forever. If humans are only physical beings (do not have a soul), then the human race is meaningless since the universe will end. Scientists without any spiritual beliefs acknowledge this ordeal.
  • "The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it also seems pointless..."

    Steven Weinberg: U.S. Physicist

  • The Universal Law of Decay: Support for the dying universe comes from the universal law of decay. Evidence for this law is abundant all around us as cars rust, people grow old, buildings fall down, and on and on. Humans will never be able to stop the universe from decaying. In support of these conclusions, the famous astronomer, Arthur Eddington spoke of the certainty of the law of decay.

    "To deny the universal tendency for physical things to wear out is akin to denying reality."

    - Arthur Eddington, British astrophysicist

    However, the fact that the universe had a beginning and is destined to end cannot prove that God(s) exists. Regardless of the inability to prove God(s) exists using science alone, the general tendency for all physical things to wear out gives credible support that an outside force or Supreme Being(s) created the universe.

Since the universe had a beginning and it is destined to end, how did the universe come about? Did the universe begin by chance, or did a Creator create it?

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