Muslim Misgivings about the Christian Faith
Did Jesus die on the cross?

Physical Evidence or Blind Faith

Muslims view Jesus as both a prophet and as the Messiah. However, the Muslim view of Messiah is not at the level Christians and Jews place the Messiah. To Jews and Christians, the Messiah is far above prophet, priest and king combined.

But Muslims have high regard for prophets. So Muslims do not accept that Jesus would be crucified. Instead, Muslims believe that God removed Jesus from the cross and took him to heaven. Some Muslims proclaim that another person such as Judas Iscariot was crucified instead of Jesus. They believe God made this person to appear as Jesus. (This idea brings into question moral issues that God would replace Jesus with another person).

Physical evidence supports that Jesus actually died on the cross. We have artifacts of four people (Caiaphas the High Priest, Pontius Pilate, Alexander, son of Simon of Cyrene, and James, the brother of Jesus) that were present on the day that Jesus died. They would have looked into Jesus' eyes. They were eyewitnesses of Jesus' death on the cross. And James, the brother of Jesus was a skeptic that did not believe in Jesus on the day of the crucifixion. Why did James change his mind about Jesus? You can review this evidence by clicking here.

Muhammad lived 600 years after Jesus died on the cross. Muhammad makes the claim that Jesus did not die on the cross. However, we have noted that Muhammad could not foretell the future in comparison to Daniel the prophet. And even more important, we have noted that the Gabriel that spoke to Muhammad could not be the same spiritual being that spoke to Daniel. To review this information, please click here.

Is Muhammad's viewpoint acceptable since he was not present (in comparison to 4 people who were present)?

Since Muhammad cannot foretell the future, his message does not appear to be from the Creator. The Muslim view requires "blind faith".

Is Muhammad's viewpoint acceptable since he lived 600 years after Jesus?

Archaeological evidence supports the Christian faith. Let's move forward to address other Muslim misgivings about the Christian faith. Muslims contest that Jews and Christians have changed their scriptures.

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