Muslim Misgivings about the Christian Faith
Have Jews and Christians changed their scriptures?

Physical Evidence or Blind Faith

Muslims claim that the Bible is textually corrupt. Has the Bible been changed?

Since this webpage has majored on the book of Daniel, it is ideal to look at the textual reliability of Daniel. At the Dead Sea Scrolls site, eight copies of Daniel were found. The oldest manuscript was copied by a Scribe about 125 BCE. Both biblical scholars and Naturalists have found that the book of Daniel has not been changed when compared to modern-day Bibles. The words are essentially the same. The evidence is very sound. To ignore this evidence means that a person is willing to be deceived.

But let's consider a deeper question. What if humans living long before 125 BCE had changed the book of Daniel?

Then we would NOT expect to see foretold events fulfilled after the words were recorded on paper. If humans changed the book of Daniel, then the words would not be from outside time-space. In this event, the words would be strictly human. However, the evidence of fulfilled prophecy confirms that the Bible has not been changed (at a high level of confidence).

Muslims have no basis to claim the Bible has been corrupted. However, it is easy to show that the Qur'an was changed by early Muslims. The evidence comes from Muslim authors, which confirm that the Qur'an was changed between the years 634 to 653 (Muhammad died in 632. No Qur'an existed on paper at that time).

The Muslims who made the decision to change the Qur'an did so based on political decisions. Every Qur'an that did not conform to the "official" approved Qur'an was required to be destroyed by fire. If you want to review this evidence, please click here or visit a website created by former committed Muslims that now reject the Qur'an.

The Dead Sea Scrolls confirm that the book of Daniel has not been changed. Let's move forward to address other Muslim misgivings about the Christian faith. Muslims believe that the Bible foretold of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam.

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