Are There Unseen Universes?
Either God created us or we're here by Chance alone

The "Random Universe" Hypothesis

So far we have learned that the universe appears to have been created. But some people do not like this idea. In general, most scientists will say that God cannot be accepted by science. Because of this, new ways of looking at the universe have evolved. You have to use your imagination. Are there unseen universes?

How will we find even one "unseen" universe?

People who do not accept God (Atheists) think that untold numbers of universes somehow came to exist. This is to say there are billions and billions and billions of universes (often referred to as a multi-verse instead of a universe, or parallel universes, bubble universes, baby universes, etc). As the story goes, only one, maybe a few of these universes have evolved life. If this is true, then life is a chance event. Therefore, this viewpoint theorizes there is no Creator.

One concrete flaw confronts this theory. No one will ever know if even one other universe actually exists. I choose to quote a well-known author and how he summed up this viewpoint.

One hears a great deal about "other" universes in cosmology today: "parallel universes," "baby universes," "bubble universes." But these appeals to invisible universes have a certain unpersuasive quality to them: They are reminiscent of medieval theologians' speculations about the number of angels that could dance on the head of a pin.

[Patrick Glynn, God the Evidence, page 8]

Patrick Glynn's conclusion is very relevant to the discussion. In reality, it takes faith to believe what an atheist believes. Some atheists proclaim that it doesn't take faith to accept their viewpoint. If that is true, then the following question must be answered.

Is it possible to design a scientific experiment (independent of philosophy) to find an "unseen" universe?

To date, no one has been able to design the experiment. But you can bet that someone will try.

Some people think that particle accelerators validate the Atheist viewpoint. In reality, the particle accelerators only support randomness. The ultimate problem for Atheists is their inability to design an experiment to find an unseen universe.

In addition, particle accelerators have test setup issues. When a particle accelerator takes a measurement of a particle, the particle is influenced by the test measurement system. Since test measurements influence the outcome, scientists become philosophical about the results.

No one will ever find even one "unseen" universe. People who like this view have to use their imaginations. It takes faith to believe in even one "unseen" universe.

If you want to check out the probability of an unseen universe, please click on the pop ups to the right. Or you can accept that we only know of one universe and continue on.

Unseen Universes:
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Before the Big Bang

Probability of Random Universes
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The assumption that the Universe does NOT appear to be designed
...or is it designed?

The Next Logical Step to Finding
"How Our Universe Began"

We only know about the universe in which we live. And we know it had a beginning and it will end. We know that our universe has only been created one time. We know that the universe cannot sustain itself. It will die and never be born again. It is safe to conclude that this universe appears to have been created.

What is the next step?

Letís use science to check out the religions of the world.

To do this, we need to learn about Albert Einstein. He is one of the most famous humans of all time who had an extremely analytical mind. Our goal is to find out if God has revealed spiritual truth to humankind. In addition, Einstein ideas will bring clarity to the question of whether the universe truly was created.

The odds against the universe coming to exist as a random event are extremely poor. Therefore, using science to check out the religions of the world is the next logical step. Intellectually honest people will agree with this conclusion. Those who are emotionally prejudiced against religion should at least have an open mind. Logic requires that this step be taken. Emotions are not logical. We will find a most intriguing peek into the link between the natural world and the unseen spiritual world.

In comparison to the poor odds the universe came about through a random event, we will find confidence levels greater than the 99% confidence level that spiritual truth has been revealed to humanity.

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