Using the Einstein Method
In Search of Words from Outside Time-Space

Applying Special Relativity to Religion

Science tests have shown Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity to be correct. Web site links to well-established universities and NASA contain evidence supporting the reality of special relativity.

We have learned that special relativity is not a theory. The foundation for special relativity is so strong that we can use it to draw out principles (or axioms) to find out if a religion is from outside time-space (from God) or from the creative imaginations of human beings (inside time-space).

If you doubt the validity of using special relativity for this purpose then I suggest you review the ideas and proofs of {special relativity} by clicking here. After refreshing your memory, you can return to continue with these ideas.

For the purpose of studying religion, Einstein's special relativity confirms that no "person" can time travel to the past. This is explained in practical terms by the idea of traveling faster than light speed. If you could get into a space ship and travel faster than light speed, then you could time travel back to when your mother or father was a child and play games. Or you could travel to the past (100 years ago) to portray yourself as a so-called prophet by writing about today's events (such as September 11, 2001). This would be equivalent to writing a holy book with prophetic verses. People would potentially accept you as a prophet with words from outside time-space.

Defining the "Einstein Method"

Imagine if you had a time machine that allowed you to visit any place or any time in history. For example, you could visit Tokyo in the year 1910. Upon arriving, you could warn that an earthquake would devastate Tokyo in 1923. At the same time, you could foretell of the economic depression that would engulf the world in the 1930s. That Japan would bomb Pearl Harbor in December 1941. And that the devastating World War would end with the dropping two new bombs so powerful that each would destroy an entire city in Japan in August 1945. Millions of people would be lost in the war so it should be avoided at all cost.

Do you think that people in Tokyo would listen to you after the earthquake in 1923? Some people would believe you, but most would choose not to believe. Maybe itís a random event? Do you think that people would listen after the nation entered the great depression in the 1930s? Probably more would now start to believe, but certainly not the majority. When the Japanese government attacked Pearl Harbor in December 1941, how many more would believe?

What is the Einstein Method?

If I had a time machine capable of letting me travel to the past, I could foretell the future from any time and place in history. However, Einstein showed that time-space will not permit time travel to the past. It is impossible! Therefore, we can conclude that if a religion does accurately foretell the future, then the source of prophecy must come from outside time-space. I like to call this approach to analyzing religious beliefs the "Einstein Method." From this point forward, I will refer to this method as the Einstein Method. This method permits us to determine if God has spoken words to human beings from outside time-space or if the religion comes from the creative imagination of human beings (inside time-space).

What are the principles (better called axioms) that can be gathered from special relativity and used to analyze various religions? It is logical that they must be based on the time-space continuum. It appears that all created beings [humans, extra terrestrials, created spiritual beings such as angels, or unknown created beings] are subject to the laws of special relativity. In contrast, a Super Being(s) (the Creator or Creators) living outside time-space would not be subject to the limits of time-space. These opposing ideas are given as follows:

Created Beings:

  • Locked inside the time-space continuum.
  1. Time-space does not allow travel at speeds greater than the speed of light.
  2. Time-space does not permit "time-travel" to the past.

Conclusion or Axiom

Created beings are NOT capable of foretelling the future.

Non-Created Being(s): (the Creator or Creators)

  • The Creator(s) exists OUTSIDE "time-space"
  • The Creator(s) is the SOURCE of "time-space"
  • The Creator(s) is NOT limited by the "time-space" continuum.

Conclusion or Axiom

The Creator(s) can consistently and accurately foretell future events to created beings existing inside the "time-space" continuum.

All people agree that humans cannot time travel to the past or foretell future events. However, if the Creator(s) truly exists outside the control of time-space, then the Creator(s) is not controlled by time-space limits. The Creator(s), not being limited by time-space, could reveal the future to human beings locked inside time-space. In other words, the Creator(s) would know the future and could reveal it through a so-called prophet. Then we would know that the Creator(s) exists and gain a better understanding humanity's purpose.

It is important to stress that if the Creator(s) truly reveals spiritual truth to humanity, then the revealed truth would have consistent and accurate prophecy. The following diagram supports this truth since time would have no control whatsoever over this Super Being (s).

If a religion occasionally gets a prophecy right, then misses the mark on other prophecies, then the one true prophecy is most likely a random (lucky) event.

"Einstein Method Guidelines"

The "Einstein Method" requires seven logical guidelines that allow us to evaluate different religions. {Secular philosophies are affected by this study in the event that we find a religion that accurately and consistently foretells the future}. Without these guidelines, the study would be meaningless. The next page will give a quick review of these guidelines. In addition, if you want an in-depth understanding, then popup pages will contain greater depth.

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