Words Beyond Time-Space?
Gabriel's Words to Muhammad
Event No. 3

Foretold Event: Jews are Cursed in this world and the next

When Foretold: 653 CE

When Fulfilled: 1948

Time passed from prophecy to fulfillment: (1295 Years)

Can We Confirm it?: Yes

Gabriel's words to Muhammad foretell that the Jews are cursed in both this world and the next world. Consider the Qur’anic verse.

";. . . the Jews: of them are those who listen eagerly to lies. . . . for whom the will of Allah is that He cleanse not their hearts; for them there is a disgrace in this world, and in the Hereafter a great torment." (Surah 5:41).

Muslim author Hingora writes of this Qur'anic verse from a prophetic viewpoint (entitled: The Jews Are Cursed: Israel Will Disappear):

The Prophecies of the Qur'an
by Q.I. Hingora

"Will the New Kingdom of Israel survive? The answer can be found in the Qur'anic prophecy. . . I believe, therefore, that I am acting today in the spirit of the Almighty Creator. In fighting the Jews I am defending the work of the Lord" (Q. I. Hingora, The Prophecies of the Qur'an, p 102-105, October 1963).

Since the Jewish people setup the nation of Israel and took control of Jerusalem again, should the Jewish people be viewed as being cursed in this world? (Is nationhood a curse)?

(At the end of this section, Muhammad's views of the Jewish people will be compared to Jesus' views of the Jewish people. Or click here to review Jesus' viewpoint).

Does this foretold event meet the seven Einstein Method Guidelines? On the left side of the web page, five (5) items read "YES" and two (2) items read "NO". Place your mouse over the item to view the graphic window in the upper left corner or click to learn more with a quick pop-up file.


There are two problems with Muhammad's prophecy as follows.

Problem #1: Einstein Method guideline number 5 is not met. "Did Muhammad's followers self-fulfill the foretold event?"

Muslims continue to view the Jewish people as being cursed because of Muhammad's words. Fundamentalist Muslims want to completely destroy Israel. Is Muhammad's prophecy true that the Jews are cursed? Will Islamic nations someday wipe Israel from the face of the earth?

Guideline number five gives a logical response. "A foretold event cannot be self-fulfilled by the prophet’s followers after the prophet has died." Since Muslim fundamentalist want to destroy the nation of Israel using military force, they are self-fulfilling Muhammad's prophecy that the Jews are cursed. Logic alone supports that when followers self fulfill a prophet's words, it is not true prophecy. The words cannot be verified as coming from outside time-space. It is logical to conclude that we are witnessing human effort alone, not divine will.

The Hadith (sayings of the prophet Muhammad) contain other negative views of the Jewish people. Refer to the quick pop-up to the right.

Muhammad's Prophecies
(quick pop-up)

Kill the Jews

Problem #2: Einstein Method guideline number 7 is not met, "Is the foretold event factual? Do people other than devout followers accept it as fact?"

Factual evidence of the Jewish people setting up a nation in 1948 supports that Gabriel's words to Muhammad are from "inside" time-space (not from God). Nationhood is a blessing, not a curse.

The Einstein Method concludes that Gabriel's words to Muhammad (the Jews are cursed in both this world and the next world) appear to be false prophecy based on the two guidelines above.

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