Words Beyond Time-Space?
Gabriel's Words to Muhammad
Event No. 2

Foretold Event: Jewish people will not unite to fight Muslim military forces (Implying Israel will never become a nation again)

When Foretold: 653 CE

When Fulfilled: 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, 1990s to the present Middle East situation

Time passed from prophecy to fulfillment: (Failed in 20th century)

Can We Confirm it?: Yes

Gabriel's words to Muhammad foretell that the Jewish people will not unite to fight Muslim military forces. The logical outcome of this prophecy is that the Jewish people would remain scattered around the world, never to become a nation again. Consider the Qur’anic verse.

"They [the Jewish people] will not fight you (even) together, except in fortified townships, or from behind walls. Strong is their fighting (spirit) amongst themselves: thou wouldst think they were united, but their hearts are divided: that is because they are a people devoid of wisdom." (Surah 59:14).

Muslim author Hingora writes of these Qur'anic verses from a prophetic viewpoint:

The Prophecies of the Qur'an
"Cowardice of the Jews"
by Q.I. Hingora

"History proves that the Jews "never" combined their forces and came out to fight against the Muslims. Each locality or village preferred to defend itself and was never bold enough to go to the aid of another surrounding Jewish village. Thus no battle did they fight which they did not lose against the Muslims." (Q. I. Hingora, The Prophecies of the Qur'an, October 1963, p 109).

Why didn't Muhammad foresee that in the 20th century, the Jewish people would unite numerous times to defeat the combined military force of several Islamic nations?

Was Muhammad speaking about the Jewish people in the 7th century only? Or did Muhammad mean the Jewish people would never join together as a military force to conquer Muslim nations (An Indisputable Fact of the 20th Century)? This issue is addressed in the quick pop-ups to the right.

Words for the 7th Century
or the 20th Century?
(quick pop-up links)

People without Wisdom?

Eternal Qur'anic Curse
on the Jewish people

Three Translations Agree

Hingora's viewpoint that the Jews "never" combined their forces and came out to fight against the Muslims is highly questionable. Events of the 20th century show that the Jewish people united against Islamic military in five wars. The Jewish people united again and again to defeat Islamic nations. In these wars, the Jewish people did not fight behind walls or fortified townships as stated in the Qur'an. Hand to hand combat occurred in many of these wars.

(At the end of this section, Muhammad's views of the Jewish people not willing to unite will be compared to Jesus' views of the Jewish people. Or click here to review Jesus' viewpoint).

Does this foretold event meet the seven Einstein Method Guidelines? On the left side of the web page, six (6) items read "YES" and one (1) item reads "NO". Place your mouse over the item to view the graphic window in the upper left corner or click to learn more with a quick pop-up file.


Gabriel's words to Muhammad meet six Einstein Method guidelines (1 through 6). However, an obvious shortcoming is known by people living in the 21st century.

Problem: Guideline number 7 is not met, "Is the foretold event factual? Do people other than devout Muslim followers accept it as fact?"

In the 20th century, five wars were fought between Muslim nations and the united Jewish people. The uniting of the Jewish people shows that they are not devoid of wisdom as envisioned by Muhammad. (refer to quick pop-up above if you have not read it). It appears that Gabriel's words to Muhammad have not come true. Muhammad could not foresee the distant future. The following graphic reminds us that words coming from outside time-space must always come true because God exists outside the control of time-space.

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