Is the Universe God?
Science perceives that the Universe is dying.

Pantheism: In light of the dying universe

In this section, we will apply scientific principles to various religious beliefs. The purpose of using this approach is not to inflict pain on anyone. The purpose is to find out if God exists and to determine if "numerous religions" or a "specific religion" contains words (eternal truth) from outside time-space. We'll begin with the universal law of decay.

We have learned that the universe is dying and cannot sustain itself. Can the physical universe be God since it is decaying and is incapable of sustaining itself?

Some people believe and teach that the Universe is GOD. However, most people would agree that God is viewed as being everlasting, without beginning or end. Since the universe is decaying and incapable of sustaining itself, the universe by definition does not appear to be God. Based on scientific theory and observation of the dying universe, we can safely conclude that the physical universe is not God.

This idea sets up the concept that the Creator(s) is separate from the creation. In support of this concept, scientific measurements have observed evidence that the universe had a beginning. And just as important, the measurements show that the universe is dying.

Since the universe is incapable of sustaining itself, what can we discern about religions that believe the Universe is God (or that the Universe is Being)?

Any belief system that teaches that God is the "Universe" appears to be based upon the creative imagination of human beings. (Brilliant people with wonderful "imaginations" and/or "feelings" can and do make mistakes). The religious belief system that takes this viewpoint is known as pantheism. Based on the fact that the universe is dying and the logical conclusion that God cannot be controlled by the law of decay, all pantheistic religions appear to be based on a false premise that associates the dying physical universe with the divine. Pantheistic religions are included in the following list:


"The wicked see this universe as a hell, and the partially good see it as heaven, while the perfect beings realize it as God Himself (the Universe is God Himself)" (Vivekananda).


Shintoism (belief that the Emperor is God, i.e. Japan during World War II)

Shintoism (as practiced in 21st century North Korea)

Astrology (deterministic belief that stars reveal each personís future)


New Age belief systems (physical universe is considered to be a spiritual universe)





African tribal religions

Animistic religions



Greek Mythology (associates gods with planets)

Star Wars, "May the Force be with You"

An in-depth review of the religions above (or belief systems) shows that foretelling the future is not done. However, foretelling the future is required if we are to detect if words have come to us from outside time-space. Therefore, two very important science based requirements (1) universe is dying, (2) completely non-prophetic writings) support that these religions appear to be from the creative imaginations of human beings.

If your belief system (or religion) is part of the above list, you may feel indifferent to this study. I must state again that the purpose of this research is not to alienate people. The purpose is to find out if spiritual truth has been revealed to humans from outside time-space. Truth is often a difficult word in the strictest sense. "Truth" can offend people. But just as important, "Truth" can make you happy and is the path to wisdom and understanding (only if you are willing to live by truth and its precepts). If you are offended in any way, please feel free to write to the webmaster by clicking here. I will take the time to respond. But I also encourage you to continue with this study, especially if you want to have greater insights into understanding your life and its purpose.

Questions & Answers

The law of decay tells us that the universe is dying. Since the universe is dying, can the universe be God?


If God is eternal, then the physical universe cannot be God based on the law of decay.

But some people believe that God is the Universe, even if the universe is dying. Does this idea hold up based on the law of decay? The science based answer is no. However, people who believe the Universe is God could still accept this idea based on "blind faith" since it may be possible that God only appears to be dying and has hidden his eternal nature from our view.

We will look deeper into the idea that the physical universe is God in the religion section. However, before we get to that section, we must find other guidelines for determining if God has revealed spiritual truth to humans through any world religion.

If you disagree with the question and answer ideas, please e-mail the webmaster for a personal response.

If you doubt that the law of decay is valid, then you may choose to click on the following scientific web sites that discuss and support these ideas. These highly reputable scientific web sites support the ultimate demise of life on planet earth and ultimately the entire universe. Even if there are extra terrestrials (ETs), they are just as doomed as the human race. It is a fact that all mortal creatures will not last forever.

As a reminder that the universe is dying, some scientists have a gloomy view of the universe and its purpose. Consider the quote from Steven Weinberg, U.S. Physicist:

"The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it also seems pointless..."
Steven Weinberg, Physicist

John Polkinghorne, "The End of the World and the Ends of God," quote of Steven Weinberg on p 32, Trinity Press International, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, copyright 2000.

Steven Weinberg, "The First Three Minutes"

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