Words Beyond Time-Space?
Jesus' Words in the New Testament
Calculations based on Evidence

Naturalism or Supernaturalism

Jesusí long-term prophecies have taken on reality after more than 1,890 years. The 21st century reflects the environment foretold by Jesus. This environment entails the return of the Jewish people to the land of Israel (foretold in the gospel of Luke) along with a tech-type environment (book of Revelation). Regardless of a person's world view, we appear to be living in the environment in which the book of Revelation could be fulfilled. It is important to note that this research only considers the "environment" of the book of Revelation, not its literal fulfillment. If the book of Revelation is to be fulfilled, it would be logical to expect its environment to be in place before an actual fulfillment.

The evidence for words from outside time-space is based on the gospel of Luke and the book of Revelation. Both documents predate the events of the 21st century by more than 1890 years. It is important to note that I have used the worst case date for the gospel of Luke (written after 70 CE).

The after 70 CE date is preferred by modern scholars, who are best described as Naturalists. (Naturalists do not accept prophecy {foretelling future events} since it is considered to be supernatural: as opposed to natural).

Below is a summary of the six prophecies made by Jesus. You can click on any number in the far left column if you want to return to the page to review that item. After the summary, I will make conclusions using a mathematical tool.

Event No.

Event Foretold
[To review an item, click on the number in the left column]

When Fulfilled

Time from 70 or 100 CE to event

Meets Einstein Methods


Jerusalem to be under the control of Gentile nations (but not forever)

70 CE
to 1967

1,897 years



Jewish people will gain control of Jerusalem again (Gentiles to lose control of Jerusalem)


1,897 years



Jerusalemís technological environment foretold (worldwide telecommunication to the masses)


1,880 years



Jerusalemís technological environment foretold (Individuals communicate worldwide to each other)


1,889 years



Jerusalemís technological environment foretold (worldwide transportation & shipping to all nations within a few days)


1,889 years



Jerusalemís technological environment foretold (Ability to control the entire global population with advanced technology)


1,904 years


We have six prophecies that reflect the "environment" foretold in the book of Revelation and the gospel of Luke. The six prophecies begin with the Jewish people retaking control of Jerusalem on June 7, 1967. Since that event, the tech-type environment has progressed due to many advancing technologies. For example, since the Jewish people have taken control of Jerusalem, the world has seen advances in communications, the global positioning system, the Internet, and many other sophisticated advances. Since we have six credible data points, we can use math to come to unbiased conclusions (using a statistical tool called the Chi-square test for Independence). To use this approach requires a well stated viewpoint (hypothesis). Then the data can be analyzed based on that viewpoint.

Naturalists do not expect prophecy to be possible. However, I have chosen to look at this real life question from the Naturalists viewpoint. We simply state that "Prophecy in the New Testament is not possible." Having made that statement as our viewpoint (hypothesis), some calculations are done. This will tell us whether we should have confidence that the Naturalist viewpoint is true or false.

For our purposes of using the Chi-square tool, we only need to determine whether an event is true or false. The table above summarizes the data and shows that we have six credible prophecies. Each event counts as one unit.

For those wanting to review the math, the calculations are done in the pop-up window to the right. Or you can move forward and read about the conclusions below (based on math).

Words from
Outside Time-Space
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Hypothesis #1: Prophecy in the New Testament is not possible
Viewpoint of Naturalism
False at the 98.5% confidence level

Hypothesis #2: Jesus' prophecies come from outside time-space
Viewpoint of Supernaturalism
Appears to be True


The purpose of using the mathematical approach is to find out if the hypothesis is true or false. We conclude that "Prophecy in the New Testament is not possible" is FALSE at the 98.5% confidence level. There are only 14 chances in a 1,000 that this conclusion is due to random error. Therefore, the data supports that the New Testament appears to contain words from outside time-space.

The opposite viewpoint is that "Jesus' prophecies come from outside time-space." This viewpoint was found to be TRUE.

The conclusions support that we must question the "after 70 CE" date favored by modern scholars (Naturalists) for authorship of New Testament documents. The "after 70 CE" date appears to be based on the unproved theory of Naturalism.

Modern Scholars:
Their Assumption that Naturalism is Correct

By using the Einstein Method, we have looked into six prophecies from the book of Daniel as well as six New Testament prophecies by Jesus. The fulfillment of these 12 prophecies is well past the authorship date for these documents. These 12 credible prophecies confront the Naturalist viewpoint that prophecy is not possible. It is appropriate to question the Naturalists viewpoint since it shows that their system of "belief" appears to be highly flawed. But it is just as important to note that modern scholars are just as human as the rest of us. The only negative aspect of so-called scholars is that they tend to "believe" their view (Naturalism) has more credibility as compared to people who accept the supernatural world view. This study shows that Naturalism is biased against the reality of prophecy based on the prophecies of Daniel and the New Testament at the 99.94% confidence level. Naturalist views of the Bible appear to be based on false assumptions. We can conclude at the 99.94% confidence level that Naturalism is a non-proven theory about reality.

Just as important, this study supports the credibility that a Super Being, Who exists outside time-space, has revealed spiritual truth to the human race. The orthodox Christian faith and its teachings have a solid foundation. The Einstein Method shows Christian faith as being credible. People who don't accept the Christian faith or people who don't have faith in Christ can begin to understand "WHY" conservative Christians have such a solid foundation for their beliefs.

Since Jesus' successfully foretold of the modern era, it is logical that he would have successfully foretold of the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple that occurred in 70 CE. This suggests that the gospel of Luke was written before the destruction of Jerusalem that occurred in 70 CE. When was the gospel of Luke truly written?

At this time, you can chose between two paths. Either follow the evidence brought forward by conservative scholars for dating the gospel of Luke or enter the "time machine" to analyze the prophecies made by Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. (If you choose dating the gospel of Luke, the path will lead back to prophecies made by Muhammad.).

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