Jesus as Messiah
What evidence will verify that Jesus is the Messiah?

The Messiah will be the ultimate prophet

Daniel foretold the time of the Messiah's coming. Furthermore, Daniel foretold that the Messiah would be killed to make a New Covenant (New Testament). Based on these requirements, Christians logically accept that Jesus appears to have fulfilled Daniel's prophecy extremely well. If Jesus is indeed the Messiah, then it is certain that Jesus will be the ultimate prophet.

We are about to look into Jesus' prophecies. To keep things simple, I prefer to limit Jesus' words about future events to ideas that align with Daniel's prophecies. Based on this limit, we will study Jesusí words about future events related to Jerusalem and the Jewish people. We will be looking into prophecies that are being fulfilled in the 20th and 21st centuries. Verification is simple because the evidence is obvious to all people living in the 21st century. Jesus appears to be a prophet of the highest caliber.

When were the New Testament Documents Written?

To find out if a prophecy is true, it is necessary to determine when the prophecy was written down. Let's find out when Jesus' followers wrote the gospels and other New Testament documents that contain his prophecies.

A large amount of debate occurs for dating the New Testament documents. Modern scholars (Naturalists) prefer to date the New Testament documents much later than conservative scholars do. Conservatives accept the possibility of prophecy. Naturalists do not (the supernatural is viewed as impossible).

Can modern scholars accurately date when the New Testament documents were written?

Modern scholars choose to make the gospels into history books. Since the gospels record that Jesus foretold of Jerusalem's destruction, modern scholars date the gospels after 70 CE. For dating the New Testament, modern scholars use the same methods that resulted in a skewed date for when the book of Daniel was written.

For now, I will accept the Naturalist view that the gospels were written after 70 CE. We will look into Jesus' words that foretell of events after 70 CE. However, I will revisit the Naturalist viewpoint for dating the New Testament documents based on logic and fulfilled prophetic events in the 20th and 21st centuries (fulfilled events calculate to a high confidence level that Naturalism is biased against the prophetic reality).

Since I have chosen the gospel of Luke and the book of Revelation for analyzing Jesus' prophecies, it is important to know when these two documents were written. Dating the book of Revelation presents no problem. It appears that the book of Revelation was written about 96 CE by most viewpoints. I will use 100 CE as the date for its writing. We will find a clear link between the 21st century environment and prophetic words in the book of Revelation.

For the gospel of Luke, I will use 80 CE as the date it was written. This date will be retracted later based on recent scholarly findings, physical evidence found in burial caves, as well as evidence from the 20th and 21st centuries that supports the reality of prophecy at a high level of confidence. {If you want to take the time to review the evidence {without the 21st century conclusions} supporting the gospel of Luke was written about 60 CE, click here.}

Otherwise, let's enter the "Time Machine" to look into Jesus' prophecies.

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