Muslim Misgivings about the Christian Faith
How can a man be God?

Assumptions that Defy Logic

Muslims believe that God is completely separate from the creation (called Absolute Monotheism). To Muslims, God would never be part of the creation. This conflicts with the Christian view that God became a man in the historic person of Jesus Christ. Both faiths base their view on the idea that God revealed truth to humanity. For Muslims, the Qur'an is God's revelation. For Christians, only the Bible is God's revelation. Which view is correct?

We have seen that the Qur'an cannot foretell the future. There is no evidence to support that the Qur'an comes from God. To believe in the Qur'an requires blind faith. In contrast, the Bible contains words that foretell the future consistently. And this was done using the most liberal view of the Bible.

Is it Logical that God can become a Man?
(All-Powerful Gives Positive Support)

To counter the Christian view, Muslims (and people of other faiths) reason that it is not logical to believe that God could become a man. But the use of logic on this point is not sound. Both faiths consider God to be All-powerful. This means that God can do anything His nature permits. All-powerful means that the Creator God can become a human being. Logic does not contradict the idea that God can become a man. If you have blind faith in the Qur'an, then your assumptions override or defy logic.

An even more profound argument supports that God did become a man. We understand that words coming from outside time-space would not be changing because God would be All-knowing. Long before Jesus, the Old Testament prophets proclaimed that the Messiah would be God clothed in human flesh. The message about God becoming a Man in the person of Messiah has not changed (The Message is Consistent). The Dead Sea Scrolls confirm this since they predate Jesus. Biblical texts supporting that the Messiah is God Almighty were presented on the previous page. Scientific evidence supporting the validity of the Dead Sea Scrolls at a high confidence level can be reviewed on another page.

Logic again supports the Christian faith. Let's move forward to address other Muslim misgivings about the Christian faith. Muslims contest that Jesus did not die on the cross.

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