Words Beyond Time-Space?
Gabriel's Words to Daniel
Event No. 5

Foretold Event: Messiah to appear only at Jerusalem to be killed (as opposed to other cities)

When Foretold: 165 BCE

When Fulfilled: 30 to 33 CE

Time passed from prophecy to fulfillment: 195 Years

Can We Confirm it?: Yes

According to Gabrielís words given to Daniel, a person claiming to be the Messiah would appear at Jerusalem only to be "cut off" (sacrificed). Why didn't someone claiming to be the Messiah appear at Rome? Or why not Mecca? Or New York City? This event is recorded in verse 25 as follows:

". . . know and discern that from the issuing of a decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah the prince " (Daniel 9:25)

Many people have appeared at various cities around the world to proclaim themselves as Messiah. In the late 20th century, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson laid claim to being the Messiah (the claim was probably more from his followers than himself). He lived in New York City.

In April 1995, David Koresh, who claimed to be the Messiah, was killed in a horrible fire near Waco, Texas.

According to the Archangel Gabrielís words, the Messiah would appear only at Jerusalem where he would be killed. Archaeological evidence and a host of ancient writings support that Jesus went to Jerusalem where he was killed by crucifixion. Objective evidence supports that the prophecy came true.

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Supporting Evidence

Click here to review supporting archaeological finds discussing the crucifixion. The evidence includes people who knew Jesus and witnessed the crucifixion event at Jerusalem.

However, more evidence has been found such as numerous ossuaries discovered with the name "Jesus" (literally the name "Yeshua" in Hebrew) inscribed and ancient coins dated to 41 to 42 CE. The burial caves appear to have been sealed up about 42 CE and were in the Jerusalem area.

The four gospels report that Jesus was crucified as the Messiah at Jerusalem.

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