Words Beyond Time-Space?
Gabriel's Words to Daniel
Event No. 4

Foretold Event: Messiah to appear before the foretold events of the destruction of the Jewish temple and Jerusalem, which happened to occur in 70 CE

When Foretold: 165 BCE

When Fulfilled: 30 to 33 CE

Time passed from prophecy to fulfillment: 195 Years

Can We Confirm it?: Yes

According to Gabrielís words given to Daniel, the time of the Messiah's appearing is sequential. Gabriel foretells that the Messiah had to appear before Jerusalem and the temple would be destroyed (happened in 70 CE). This means the Jewish Messiah had to appear before 70 CE. Jesus became a public figure about 40 years earlier, which meets Gabriel's timing for the Messiah. This event is recorded in verse 26 as follows:

"the Messiah will be cut off [killed 30 - 33 CE] and have nothing, and the people of the prince who is to come [Romans, who destroyed Jerusalem in 70 CE] will destroy the city and the sanctuary. " (Daniel 9:26)

Jesus' death on the cross in either 30, 32, or 33 CE aligns with Jerusalem's destruction in 70 CE. This is the time sequence for the Messiah to appear based on Gabriel's words. For Christians, the time of Jesus appearing supports his claim to being the Messiah.

Based on this time sequence, any person claiming to being the Messiah after Jerusalemís destruction in 70 CE does not meet the requirement. If Gabriel's words are from outside time-space (true), then such a person would be a false Messiah.

Is Jesus the Messiah? The quick pop-ups just below to the right provide insight into this important question.

In addition, two major categories of evidence align with Jesus' claim to being the Messiah that appeared about 40 years before Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 CE. For the first major category, the quick pop-ups to the right provide evidence that links the New Testament to secular history. I have selected only two references out of the many: Tiberius Caesar (before Jesus appeared) and Gallio, proconsul of Achaia (after Jesus appeared).

For the second major category, refer to the archaeological finds discussed on the previous page.

Is Jesus the Messiah?:
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Negative View of Jesus

Biblical & Secular Links to Jesus and His affect on the Ancient World:

1: Tiberius Caesar (before Jesus)

2: Gallio, proconsul of Achaia (after Jesus)

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Supporting Evidence

In the table below are links to offsite web sites in support of historic references between the New Testament documents and secular sources. These links are listed as supporting evidence only.

How it relates to the "time" of Jesus appearing

(link to offsite web site)

Scripture References

Jesus appeared during the 15th year of Tiberius' reign over Rome

Tiberius Caesar
Roman Emperor
became Caesar on
August 19, 14 CE

Tiberius' 15th year:
Aug 19, 28 CE - Aug 18, 29 CE

Luke 3:1

Proconsul in Achaia
when the Apostle Paul
lived there
in the Year 51 CE

proconsul of Achaia
in the Year 51 CE

Acts 18:11-12

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