Words Beyond Time-Space?
Gabriel's Words to Daniel
Event No. 1

Foretold Event: The Jewish Temple would be destroyed

When Foretold: 165 BCE

When Fulfilled: 70 CE

Time passed from foretold event to fulfillment: 235 Years

Can We Confirm it?: Yes

Gabriel's words to Daniel foretold that the Jewish temple would be destroyed. Historians have verified that the temple was destroyed in 70 CE. Since the latest date possible for writing Daniel is 165 BCE, the foretold event occurred 235 years after it was recorded. The Roman Army directed by Titus destroyed the Jewish temple. This event is recorded in verse 26 as follows:

"the people of the prince who is to come will destroy . . . the sanctuary [holy, temple]." (Daniel 9:26)

All people agree that the temple was destroyed in the year 70 CE. There are multiple sources that document the destruction that occurred in 70 CE:

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Supporting Evidence

Item No. 1: You can visit Rome and see the Arch of Titus, which was constructed by the Romans about 81 CE. At the linked web site, pictures of the Arch of Titus show the temple treasures being carried away by the Romans.

Item No. 2: You can visit Jerusalem and see the remains of the "Western Wall" which was a supporting wall for the Temple Mount area.

Item No. 3: The Jewish historian named Flavius Josephus [who changed his views during the Jewish war with Rome and joined the enemy] witnessed the destruction of the temple and recorded this event. Modern scholars have discovered that Josephus wrote, "the Jewish War" shortly after the temple's destruction with memories fresh in his mind. Scientific dating the date for the temple’s destruction based on Josephus words supports that this event appears to have occurred on Sunday, August 5, 70 CE.

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