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Quick Overview:
Can we "Know" Spiritual Truth?

Below is a quick overview of how Einstein relativity is used to study world religions. You can read the information on this page in a few minutes, then decided if you want to learn more. If you decided to look deeper, it is ideal if you go through each section in sequence. By using your mouse to click on the first link, you will automatically go through the ideas in sequence. At the bottom of each page is a link entitled, "Go to Next Page".

  1. Section One
    A simple presentation of "why" Einstein relativity (time-travel) is credible for studying religion
  2. Let me give a simple example. We all know what happened on 9-11-2001 when Terrorists rammed airplanes into the Twin Towers in New York City. If you could time travel to December 31, 1999, you could foretell the events that would take place on 9-11-2001. And it is certain that you could foretell the future very accurately and consistently because you would have traveled from the future. As a time traveler, you were an eyewitness to the events of 9-11-2001. However, humans are limited and not capable of time travel to the past.

    Now consider the possibility of a Creator not being controlled by time or space. If this is true, then the Creator would know all future events. The Creator may choose to reveal details about future events to a person most often referred to as a prophet. Therefore, if a person claiming to be a prophet did receive words from the Creator that foretell the future, then all the foretold events would have to be fulfilled accurately and consistently. Otherwise, we would know that the this person was not hearing from the Creator.

    This research uses the most negative view (Atheist) of the Bible to find that we appear to have received spiritual knowledge from this Creator. And based on the number of findings, we can have confidence in the conclusions. For example, consider the following question.

    How much confidence can we have if we detect that a human being has accurately foretold 5, 10 or 15 future events?

    In the event that we can verify each foretold event did in fact occur, then we can calculate our confidence level in this information or data. Despite using the most negative view of the Bible, the research concludes (at the 99.9% confidence level) that we appear to have received spiritual truth from the Creator.

    Here is a very important question. How can we know or verify that someone has actually foretold the future?

    To begin, there must be guidelines for detecting if someone did foretell the future. The next link presents these guidelines, which are required if we truly want to find spiritual truth.

  3. Section Two
    Seven tools that make it credible to measure spiritual beliefs
    (Did a human being accurately foretell the future?)
  4. This section presents seven guidelines (based on logic) that ensure we can begin to know spiritual truth. For example, what if the foretold future is self-fulfilled by the followers of a so-called prophet?

    To absolutely know if the words foretell the future, human influence must be completely eliminated. Otherwise, the method used is meaningless.

    Just as important, we should consider how people who lived thousands of years ago viewed a person who claimed to be a prophet. The next section gives this type of information.

  5. Section Three
    Using Einstein Relativity to Look into the Islamic and Christian Faiths based on a common link.
    (Are these stories of the supernatural credible?)
  6. Imagine that the Archangel Gabriel were to visit you. What would it be like?

    You will find it intriguing that both Daniel the prophet and Muhammad the prophet claim to have received eternal words from God through the same spiritual being, the Archangel Gabriel. This means that both the Qur'an and the book of Daniel should agree when discussing the same subject. However, we will discover an intriguing conflict between the two books about the same subject. Which book is true? How can we know or discern spiritual truth?

    This page will lay the foundation as to why Christians believe that the prophet Daniel foretold of the historic person of Jesus Christ. And just as important, this page will discuss why Muslims believe that Muhammad is the ultimate prophet of God.

    Is there convincing scientific evidence to support either viewpoint for people living in the 21st century?"

    The next section considers this serious question using advanced scientific instruments.

  7. Section Four
    Carbon Dating Techniques Verify that the book of Daniel predates the Christian Faith
    (Why the Prophet Daniel appears to be credible!)
  8. Daniel is credible since eight copies of the book of Daniel were found at the Dead Sea Scrolls site. Carbon dating techniques used by two independent systems in Switzerland and the University of Arizona showed agreement. The oldest copy of the book of Daniel dates to 125 BCE. So Daniel's words predate the Christian faith. Since Daniel's prophecies foretell of the Christian faith, Daniel's words appear to be very credible. And to make the research credible (eliminate bias), the most negative view for when the book of Daniel was written is used (165 BCE)

    Since Daniel's writings are credible, we can enter into a "time machine" and find out why Christians have confidence in their Holy Scriptures.

  9. Section Five
    Enter the Time Machine to investigate prophecies found in the book of Daniel
  10. Six foretold events are reviewed in this section. Each page analyzes a specific foretold human event. How do we know the evidence is credible?

    To begin, the foretold events do not require any supernatural events to be accepted. A simple example is that Daniel foretold of the Jewish temple being destroyed. This occurred in the year 70 CE and is accepted by both secular and religious historians. In addition, ancient artifacts accepted by both secular and religious scholars are presented. A total of 11 ancient artifacts support that Jesus walked the earth and lived a fascinating life.

    After each of these items are explored in detail, we can calculate a confidence level.

  11. Section Six
    The evidence reveals that we can have confidence that Daniel appears to have received words from the Archangel Gabriel (at the 98% confidence level)
  12. The evidence and logic-based analysis concludes that Daniel did foretell of the Christian faith (at the 98% confidence level). And this confidence is based on using the most negative view of when the book of Daniel was written.

    Since Christians believe that Daniel foretold of Jesus, we would then expect to find successful prophecies in the New Testament. The next section looks into the prophecies of Jesus, who claimed to be the Messiah.

  13. Section Seven
    The prophecies of Jesus fulfilled in the 2nd and 20th centuries (based on the most negative view of when the Gospel of Luke was written).
  14. Several pages foreward of the entry point above, the discussion includes prophecies found in the book of Revelation. Or click here to enter Einstein's Time Machine for New Testament prophecies that appear to be coming true in the 20th and 21st centuries. Since the prophecies are being fulfilled in the 20th and 21st centuries, there is no need to present ancient artifacts for evidence. Objective evidence is present all around us.

    After each of these items are explored in detail, we can calculate a confidence level.

  15. Section Eight
    The evidence reveals that we can have confidence (at the 99.9% confidence level).
  16. The evidence permits us to conclude that Jesus did foretell the future of the Jewish people and of the technological environment in which we live. For example, Jesus appears to have accurately and consistently foretold that the Jewish people would return to their homeland to take political control of Jerusalem. This occurred on June 7, 1967. Based on combining Jesus' prophecies with the book of Daniel, the confidence level increases (to the 99.9% confidence level). There are only 9 chances in 10,000 that this conclusion is wrong due to random error.

    Since we have attained high confidence in the Scriptures, it is appropriate to question the most negative views of the Bible. This questioning is justifiable at the 99.9% confidence level. In reality, we have substantial evidence that supports the book of Daniel was written in the 6th century BCE.

  17. Section Nine
    Muhammad's spiritual experiences as the source of the Qur'an. (The Muslim belief that the Qur'an existed before the universe was created. This would mean that the Qur'an would foretell of future events very accurately and consistently.).
  18. Section Ten
    The prophecies of Muhammad since the 7th century (based on the most postive view of when the Qur'an was collected into a book).
  19. Numerous prophecies in the Qur'an are considered before we calculate a confidence level.

  20. Section Eleven
    Discusses the evidence found in the Qur'an and calculates a confidence level that the Qur'an contains spiritual truth.
  21. Since scientific based evidence supports that the Christian faith has a solid foundation, what about religions that do not have prophecies. For example, what about Buddhism and Hinduism?

  22. Section Twelve
    Pantheism: Is it credible based on modern science?

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